Orlando should declare local state of emergency on affordable housing

There have been calls for Florida to declare an affordable housing state of emergency (story HERE). Sadly, Tallahassee has decided to punt to Washington instead of addressing the issue.

But St. Petersburg is considering declaring an affordable housing state of emergency of their own (story HERE). That’s a good idea.

And I think Orlando should do it. I think they should do it before the new year. Call a meeting and do it before 2022.

Think that’s harsh? The families getting kicked out on the street days before Christmas don’t think so.

A local housing state of emergency could open up the area to measures such as rent freezes and rent control.

That sound you hear is your property management company calling their lawyers because they’re exploitation of Orlando renters is possibly in jeopardy.

Sadly, it’s likely not going to happen here in Orlando, or the tri county area. Your elected officials work for those property management companies. They work for those developers who are trying to dig us deeper into this pit which is quickly becoming so deep, families may never get out.

There is this game of tug of war taking place between property management companies and struggling families that shouldn’t be taking place. This is price gouging.

But nothing is happening.

Listen, I know it’s not going to happen before the new year. In fact, none of the municipal bodies in the Orlando tri county area are principled enough to do this. They’re going to keep looking the other way.

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