Orlando landlords ignoring AC repairs are costing families a fortune

Orlando is currently one of the worst places in the country when it comes to affordable housing. Families are facing unreasonable rent increases from property management companies that understand their powerful influence within our government.

And taking their abuse of power even further, a lot of these property management companies will skimp on care of their units. Including the air conditioners.

Landlords don’t want to replace air conditioners. As you might be able to tell, it’s because they’re really expensive.

So, what they’ll do is patch here. A seal there. And ignore the main problems with these air conditioners that need replacements.

This means that we’ve got families all over Orlando wondering whey their electricity bills are so high, even though they’re being energy smart.

And it strains their finances even closer to the breaking point. Closer to evictions. Closer to living in a car or a motel.

You might be asking yourself “Why don’t families fight back?”.

It’s because they can’t afford lawyers. If they could, then these property management companies would be in big trouble.

Not just with air conditioners but with leaking roofs. Broken pipes. Faulty stairs and everything else poorly kept apartments are experiencing while charging $1,600 for a one bedroom.

If it sounds wrong to you. That’s because it is. This is a real problem and the ones who need help are the ones who don’t have enough money to ask for help.

But we have to keep spreading awareness. If we don’t, more and more families will continue to fall victim to this neglect of responsibility.

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