Orlando rent strike might be only option for struggling families looking affordable housing

As we approach Christmas and the New Year, families in Orlando are homeless or on the brink of homelessness with no rent relief in sight. Many more families will lose their homes in January, as property management companies continue running up the price on our neighbors.

And those neighbors talk. And those neighbors are running out of options. And soon, those neighbors are going to realize they’re part of a rigged game and decide they don’t want to play anymore.

We’re of course talking about a rent strike.

Are there any other options on the table?

Elected officials are doing nothing. They’re taking photos with a couple dozen units of affordable housing when thousands are needed. Developers are using shelters as a catch all for anyone that doesn’t fit into their plans for bigger profits. And many of them don’t even keep up their units as they try to raise the bottom line from both ends.

A rent strike could be the only option to trigger immediate action.

It’s not easy to coordinate. Neighbors would have to jump in the water together. And the evictions would begin.

There would also have to be some work stoppages as well to get the employers on board.

If you’re on the “outside” reading this post. Take a moment to readjust your perspective.

We’re talking about the people you love living in a car or a hotel room because of property management companies that have exploited your community. They’re parasites.

This is the only play for a lot of families. This is what happens when your elected leaders do nothing.

It’s also important to realize this isn’t reality yet. But if we don’t act immediately, it will be.

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