A Christmas letter to Orlando Real Estate and Property Management companies

Dear sir or ma’am,

As we approach Christmas, understand that you, your colleagues, and the functionality of the Orlando real estate and property management industry, will have made this holiday one of the worst thousands of families will ever experience.

Because of your rent increases and price hikes, there will be no gifts for children under the tree. Many families won’t even have a home to celebrate the holidays in this year. They will be living in cars, hotels, and shelters.

You did that. Remember this sentence. You are responsible for this suffering.

And your industry did not accomplish this through hard work. They simply exploited an industry with no rules and turned knob as far as it will go. And they did this with no regard of what will happen to the people living on your properties.

There is also an excellent chance that you or your bosses aren’t even from Orlando. In a true coward’s errand, you’re probably directing these harmful actions from hundreds or even thousands of miles away.

This year I lost everything because of you. I still know people that are suffering because of you. This Christmas the veterans under the I4 underpass will be there because of you.

I hope you take inventory of your actions this Christmas. And I want you to understand all of the damage you’re doing.

To wish you a Merry Christmas would be insincere. Instead, I hope that next Christmas, the world finds a way to fix itself and overcome all of the harm you’ve done this year.

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