Squid Game: The awards show argument for the most suspenseful experience of the year

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Oh, Squid Game. An experience so intense that the world pushed through its dislike for subtitles, for a thrill ride that hardly gave viewers time to breathe. It was an adrenaline rush that had everybody talking at work, and has it’s fans campaigning for a second season so hard, the creators are already stressing about how they can replicate the feeling of the first.

Taking a group of people that have lost all hope for their lives and their families, and giving them one last chance to win a world changing amount of money, had us all asking what we would do if put in the same spot. The kid’s games played on the show have been revived as team building exercises in our workplaces.

How Squid Game, manages to be so violent, yet so emotionally potent, is exactly why it belongs in the awards show ecosystem.

The acting is solid. The direction is impeccable. And the story kept up guessing up until the very end. There were visuals I’ll never forget.

And it made us feel everything. It was one of those shows that had us shouting at the screen. That doesn’t come along every day.

It was also a home run for Netflix, which saw subscribers come back just to see what the big deal was all about.

No one should be surprised at how many awards Squid Game wins this awards season. It found its way around the world on its own energy, by providing a pulse pounding journey others will try but probably won’t get right for quite some time to come.

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