Don’t Look Up: Here are the two post credit scenes after the movie (Spoilers!!!)

Warning! The following contains spoilers for “Don’t Look up”

Hey all. Let’s talk about the two post credit scenes in “Don’t Look Up” out on Netflix right now.

1. Mid Credits scene: The spaceship carrying Earth’s survivors finally finds a planet to land on about 22,000 years later. The cyropods open up and the survivors start walking out naked into what appears to be a lush livable planet. President Orleans (Meryl Streep) and Peter Isharwell (Mark Rylance) reflect on the oxygen levels and the mixed results survival results of the pods, before being approached by a Ostrich-like dinosaur creature. Orleans believes the animal is friendly and approaches it only to get eaten in the process. Isharwell warns that they should not pet the creatures as a pack moves in ready to kill everyone they see.

2. End of Credits scene: Jason Orlean (Jonah Hill) is scene emerging from the wreckage after the meteor apocalypse. He’s scared but still manages to jump on social media to declare himself the last man on earth and asks everyone to like and subscribe in one last nod to the message of the film warning against society’s oblivious fascination with things that don’t matter.

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