Greedy Developers and Big tourism feasted off Orlando working families in 2021

This year was not a good year for Orlando working families. The rent crisis is peaking beyond our control and we have people being thrown out on the street as we speak.

There are two industries in Orlando getting rich off of their misery. History will show that 2021 was the year where parasitic developers and greedy tourism executives pushed children out of their homes and into cars and motels.

If those kids are in Osceola County, they won’t even have motels soon thanks to an ordinance passed by their county commission (story HERE).

And much like the Osceola County commission, there were plenty of other elected officials in Orlando that watched it all happen.

There are politicians that sit on the tourism development board that refuse to support overriding restrictions on revenues collected by hotels. Even though it’s our neighbors working in those hotels and theme parks.

Even more elected officials sit on the dais each meeting and greenlight developments with no restrictions on rent. They could take action but they choose not to because developers write campaign checks.

Yes, 2021 was a great year for tourism and development to get rich off of the misery of struggling families. And 2022 could be a better year for them because nothing is being done.

What can you do? Call every elected official responsible for your area. City councils. County commissions. State representatives. State Senators. Members of congress. And tell them to stop this rental crisis. And get back on the side of their constituents.

Next time you see a family on the streets of Orlando. Remember. Big tourism and developers helped put them there.

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