Five ways Orlando Real Estate can stop treating our community so poorly in 2022

Make no mistake about. Orlando real estate, developers, and property management companies did terrible harm to the Central Florida community this year, taking advantage of a poorly monitored industry and pushing thousands of families out of their homes.

Let 2021 reflect that. It was there fault. And all of the hardships and separations of the children in those families falls on them.

But it’s time to propose some solutions. If these parasitic organizations are serious about helping Orlando families they can start by doing the following.

Supporting a rent freeze, followed by a decrease in accordance with local wages: Make no mistake about it. This is what got us here. And it made them rich.

Recuse themselves from all boards dealing with homelessness and affordable housing: You don’t invite a bank robber back to the location he just robbed to solve the problem. He’s only going to try to make it possible to do it again.

Support a moratorium against bulk sales to outside investors
: Most of these companies aren’t even from Orlando, but they’re a huge part of the problem. If Orlando real estate is serious about helping struggling families, they can get behind this measure.

Support diversification of the tourism development tax: We’re not just trying to reel in parasitic practices in real estate but also in big tourism where many of their tenants work. Let’s diversify the outside money from tourism to make our entire community better.

Suspend further campaign contributions and endorsements for the 2022 election cycle: They should have the same level of influence as all Orlando residents next year.

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