ABC cuts off viewers from New Year’s Eve celebration in Puerto Rico

TV viewers hoping to ring in the New Year with relatives from Puerto Rico, were given a harsh bump off during the ABC broadcast of “Dick Clarke’s Rock Eve” in favor of local affiliate news.

Daddy Yankee had just finished performing “Gasolina” and was counting down to midnight with Roselyn Sanchez, when the signal immediately tosses to WFTV Channel 9 here in Orlando about four seconds before midnight on the island (who is an hour ahead of the east coast).

“The weatherman ruined it.” said one younger voice in the tweet below.

Sadly, it wasn’t just Orlando. And it wasn’t just 2022.

The broadcasting of these New Year’s Eve shows is something of a juggling act. It’s not uncommon for shows to be off a few seconds or even a couple of minutes. Especially if you’re not on the east or west coast. In previous years and more recently because of COVID, some segments are taped.

The other side of the coin is that an advisory usually can avoid these things. They can usually toss the festivities to a sister station. In Orlando it would have been TV 27. Central Florida has a large Puerto Rican community.

You can read more angry reactions below..

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