WWE: Can we have the old Becky Lynch back???

Watching WWE Day 1 yesterday, and specificially the Becky Lynch vs Liv Morgan match, I couldn’t remember a time when I was less interested at a Becky pay per view outing. The match did nothing for me. The crowd was deflated. It was a bad night for both athletes.

“Big time Becks” has been the worst version of Becky Lynch we’ve seen.

It wasn’t always this way.

What I believe will always be the best Becky Lynch. Scratch that. Rebecca Quin. Was the organically popular athlete that we got several years back. WWE was trying to get her to be a bad guy. The fans didn’t accept that. They were happy that Becky was getting pushed and they wanted to cheer.

That’s when we got “The Man”. That’s when we got that invasion of RAW during the build up to the Survival Series that year.

We got the blood which became iconic (and sadly has been pushed away by WWE), and one of the most exciting Survival Series invasions ever.

She became champion. Took sometime off to start a family. And came back prepared to be better than ever.

But instead, we got “Big time Becks” an uninspired Connor McGregor UFC knock off. She’s unfunny. She’s not challenged. Has the sloppiest walking graphic in the short history of the medium. But people are still cheering for her because they like the person. They like Rebecca Quin.

But those people are getting a little tired. And while Becky has a lot of equity with the people, it won’t last forever.

It’s time to bring back “The Man” or at least the version of Becky that allowed the WWE Universe to give her one of the most authentic and heartfelt pushes in the history of the industry.

Please. Becky Lynch matches should be must see wrestling TV. Not bathroom breaks.

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