The Bachelor: One Orlando area resident advances, another goes home

Tonight, was the season premiere of the Clayton Echard edition of the Bachelor, and like so many other premieres before it, we got the flashy introductions, early controversy, and dramatic first exits.

As for our home community of Orlando, we went one for two.

Rachel, the flight instructor from Clermont had perhaps the best introduction of the night, by having 60 year old Hollie present herself as a possible fiance for Clayton before introducing Rachel. She went on to have a first night kiss with our Bachelor, and was teased as getting a first impression rose but, would have to wait a little longer until the ceremony to advance.

Hailey, an nurse from Orlando, did not move on to the next phase. Despite a kind introduction and a generally favorable vibe throughout the two hour run time, she did not receive a rose during the ceremony. That’s unfortunate, she had a positive presence.

The premiere as usual, was a complete mess. It also included Claire, a football fan who treated Clayton to a football tailgate, but just decided that she didn’t care for this season’s bachelor. She was sent home a little after the second hour began.

But even before the introductions, we were introduced to Salley, who was supposed to get married the day of the introductions. She went to Clayton’s apartment and was offered the first impression rose only to turn it down.

Still, I’m happy for Rachel for moving on and Hailey for appearing. Orlando doesn’t get nearly enough exposure on national TV.

It’s going to be a great season.

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