TV fans woke up this morning having scary Tyra Banks “Top Model” flashbacks

TV fans on social media kicked off the first work week of 2022, in the strangest of ways.

Recalling how Tyra Banks reigned over America’s Top Model for years, pushing contestants over the edge during big moment reveals.

The CW reality show was a staple on the network for years, and amassed a large number fans.

Here is just some of what they had to say.

Banks herself has been a popular target on social media since she replaced Tom Bergeron and Erin Andrews as host on Dancing with the Stars. Even with a few seasons behind her, fans are still critical of her wardrobe choices, and her insistence of a QA segment that throws the timing of the show off and rushes the final seconds of the eliminations.

Dancing with the Stars is still a ratings winner and Banks is an executive producer on the show.

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