American Auto: Car comedy is off to a slow roll to start

Update: The show did much better in it’s second week read the review for that show HERE

Tonight, NBC put American Auto out on the lot. And the “Superstore” like comedy, starring SNL veteran, Ana Gasteyer, might need a jump start to really get things going.

I told myself I’d limit the car puns.

Payne Motors is getting Katherine Hastings as a new CEO as it appears to be going through some turbulent times. The premiere gives us a look in the boardroom as well as some of the funnier events happening all over this company at a pivotal point which could determine its future.

It wasn’t as funny or as compelling as I would have liked it to be.

Gasteyer isn’t in it very much, there isn’t anyone else to really hold on to, although Sadie (Harriet Dyer) and Jack (Tye Washington) show some potential.

But after the first episode, its not a very smooth ride.

Let’s bring it back for a second. It is just a first episode. And not every show, especially on NBC, gets off to a very fast start.

As for engagement online. It was low. And that is concerning. A flash poll only registered a small number of votes. But creators should mention their Superstore ties if they want to keep the interest going. That seems to be what brought people here.

Let’s hope things get better. Tuesday night needs some good comedies. There isn’t a reason why American Auto can’t play a role in that. All of the parts are here.

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