Grand Crew: Snappy pilot is worth a look with “This is Us” lead-in

Grand Crew premiered tonight on NBC, and the hangout comedy involving a group of buddies and a wine bar shows some potential on a night that badly needs a reliable comedy.

Ironically, the premiere takes them away from wine bar after the area has to be evacuated. Most of the episode takes place at the home of Wyatt and Kristen Fields, who decide they want to get in a competition over who is the better host.

The episode moves fast and the jokes are pretty snappy. I wish it was on streaming because it seems that without commercial interruptions, the momentum would keep going and it could be a better time. On the negative side, there are some jokes that don’t land, and a couple of sub plots that we don’t really attach to.

But the show will make an impression on you when its all over. The ending will make sure of that.

Grand Crew will certainly get an opportunity in front of some eyeballs in this time slot. This is the “This is Us” lead in and that could potentially be gold for the young show.

Give it a shot though. There is enough here to go on and I want to see how this dynamic is going to work. I’ll be here next week.

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