Movie Review: “The Lost Daughter” doesn’t let us find any reason to care

Imagine making a bad movie with Olivia Colman in her prime. It’s pretty tough but, “The Lost Daughter” does just that, giving us a story that can’t give us a reason to care about what we’re watching, and doesn’t give us enough to go on to let us realize what is actually happening.

Colman plays Leda, who’s on vacation at a run down beach resort, where she encounters a troubled family, that is rumbling about and bringing her into their world of problematic drama. From their experiences, Leda begins to recall her own past which includes family problems of her own. Her mind begins to blend it all together as we try to figure out exactly what’s going on.

And some of us never will. That’s why this movie isn’t any good.

Director Maggie Gyllenhall (who along with Colman, I actually adore) doesn’t give us much to go on here. The film pushes to disorient you and get you asking questions, but along the way, loses us in it’s storytelling. This happens from the beginning of the movie until the end and sabotages itself in the process. I was bored and then ultimately lost with what was going on myself.

Colman does give it her best go in the process and that is always worth watching. But she’s putting in the energy on a tale that doesn’t know where to channel it, or even what it wants its audience to feel. Ed Harris and Dakota Johnson are wasted on pointless roles and its conclusion will probably just make you shrug.

A bad Oliva Colman movie. Wow. 2022 can only get better from here.

The Lost Daughter
Grade: D
Rated: R
Running Time: 2 hours and 4 minutes

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