The Bachelor: Early audience majority undecided on Jesse Palmer, but outlook is positive

There was a lot happening during the season premiere of The Bachelor on Monday night, (story HERE) but you already knew that. We had a potential fiancee for Clayton Echard bow out before the limo introductions, a tailgate ejection, and live snake crawling around the cocktail party.

But flying under the radar was new Bachelor host, Jessie Palmer, a former bachelor himself, and more recently an ESPN football analyst.

As expected, after one episode where the host is hardly seen, the majority of the highly influential Twitter following of the show was undecided on Palmer. According to a small flash poll by FTR on Twitter, almost 44% of viewers were undecided.

But about 38% liked Palmer.

And only about 19% didn’t like him.

Palmer of course, is following longtime host Chris Harrison, who left both the Bachelor and Bachelorette after fumbling an interview during the last season of the Bachelor regarding a race controversy involving a potential fiancee for Matt James, the first black bachelor.

Emmanuel Acho, a colleague of Palmer’s would cover the “After the Rose” ceremony that year. And Kaitlyn Bristowe and Tayshia Adams have covered both seasons of the Bachelorette since.

The host plays a bigger role in the franchise as the season proceeds. There are more interviews and times when they’re everything from a referee to a psychiatrist. And they host both the “tell all” episode and the “after the final rose” show.

But early signs indicate, Jessie Palmer is off to decent start.

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