We can’t trust bad data from Orlando real estate professionals anymore

“Of course, the real estate guys are going to tell us the housing market is going to get better.”

That’s what I tell myself each time I read an article regarding real estate and rental properties in Orlando.

As you might have heard, families are losing the roofs over their heads, as we speak, as rent hikes run rampant all over the greater Orlando metropolitan area. Property management companies have free reign to run up the dollar amounts as they please. And with a backlog of renters coming from other areas of the country with higher salaries, they won’t hesitate to throw kids out on the street.

And we simply can’t afford to trust their data anymore. It’s false hope. Information aggregated to their liking with the sole purpose of keeping potential buyers in the market, and lawmakers from stepping in to intervene.

Remember when these analysts said there would be a market correction in the fall?

They were wrong.

Remember when they said more inventory would lead to reduced rents?

They were wrong.

And now they’re telling us that rent will still go up in 2022, but it’s not going to be as bad.

They’ll be wrong about that too.

It’s not their job to tell us the truth. It’s their job to sell houses and fill rental properties. Nothing else. We can’t forget that.

It’s disheartening that we continue to trust information from the people that got us here when they don’t care about us. They’re only lying to keep the money flowing.

Its all fake. And those that have lost everything like myself, had to learn that the hard way.

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