WWE NXT: So long Triple H era, you’re leaving when we need you most

Word on the street is that New Year’s Evil tonight on NXT 2.0 was the unofficial end to the “Triple H era” that we’ve loved for the past few years. That makes me sad, and it should for you too.

When Bronn Breaker defeated Tomasso Ciampa tonight for the NXT title, it meant that the Triple H creation that at many times, was the best WWE had to offer, was officially declared dead.

Rest in peace. You’ll really be missed. Especially now, when the RAW product is the worst it’s ever been and the Smackdown product is up and down.

And there was some personal pride for me when NXT was the best product on TV. The show is produced less than 10 minutes from my house here in Orlando. This was home for a lot of the superstars we’ve seen evolve into some of the best in the business.

Heck, I was in the press pool when opened the place on the political side. I had a keen understanding of all of the benefits a top notch wrestling program taking place here in Orlando could mean for the community.

But now the magic is gone. This show is on a downward slope.

I’m not a full time wrestling dirt sheet. I can’t give you the gossip of what’s going on behind the scenes.

But I can tell you what is good. And NXT up until a few weeks ago was very good.

And as the WWE continues to shred its roster, firing a lot of our favorites, this is a road marker that we’re still heading in the wrong direction.

RIP NXT. I’ll miss you.

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