The CW: Yeah, it’s never been profitable but it’s been fun

FTR Express: Get in, get out

1. Warner media and Viacom CBS are exploring a sale for the CW: This after stating that the network really hasn’t been profitable since 2006.

2. Ratings have always been bad on the CW
: If you compare numbers on the CW to any of the other networks (ABC, CBS, NBC) they are completely underground. Which has always made many wonder how they stayed afloat. This was done through international deals and agreements with streaming providers.

3. But it’s catalog may be one of the most beloved in existence: The entire DC roster (Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl), Supernatural, and the legacy of the WB which included Buffy, Angel, and Smallville. There is an excellent chance that at one time or another you watched the CW.

The rest of the story: The future is uncertain for the CW but jokes aside, we do care. It was always a good thing to have a smaller fifth network break up the logjam at the top, and allow smaller shows to succeed. We should be rooting for a successful solution. And plus, how else are going to get a satisfying finish to Riverdale?

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