WWE Smackdown: Another meaningless Usos vs New Day match, and why is Happy Corbin?

FTR Express: Get in. Get out

Just a warning. If you don’t like criticism of WWE, turn away. I don’t like writing it. But..

1. Usos vs. New Day… again: It feels like I’ve watched New Day vs. The Usos over fifty times over the years. Listen, you eat steak everyday it gets old. I love both teams. They are two of the best. But I’m just so tired of this same old match up. Can we do something else?

2. Happy Talk is just so bad
: Happy Corbin hasn’t been good in a long time. King Corbin. Sheriff Corbin. It’s just boring. Tonight was not different. This feud is a waste of Drew McIntyre’s time and no one is enjoying this. And now they’re burying the Viking Raiders with it.

3. Charlotte Flair has nothing to do: What was that Naomi segment? And why is Charlotte in the Rumble? This roster has never felt more empty. How long are we stretching out this Naomi vs. Sonya feud.

…And now the rest: I believe in offering some positive feedback. Once again on this show, it’s Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar. But anytime you take away the microphone from Paul Heyman, you’re shortchanging your show. And it looks like we’re getting another Roman vs. Seth match. Again. Why?

We miss Sasha Banks. She’s hurt. I get it. This is more of just a point of appreciation really. Legends for the ladies Rumble is cool, but I would have preferred the surprise.

This was a bad week for WWE. We lost William Regal and Samoa Joe..again. I’m convinced that as long as they get their social media bumps, they could care less about the product. We’ve gotten to that point.

Let’s hope things get better as the Rumble approaches.

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