AEW: Why I’m loving the Jamie Hayter and Wardlow angles, plus a Battle of the Belts review

FTR Express: Get in. Get out.

1. Jamie Hayter and Wardlow are currently involved in the same kind of angle on AEW but it’s still really good: Hayter is currently at odds with Women’s Champion, Britt Baker DMD. Wardlow is currently frustrated with MJF, his longtime supervisor. Its the same thing. But it’s still excellent wrestling television. Why?

2. Because Hayter and Wardlow are exceptional athletes and are making us feel their frustration: Both of these athletes can “go”. They’re frustration is currently coming to a nice boil. There is an excellent chance we’ve been where they’ve been. When it out! Its going to explode big.

3. The DMD and MJF are two of the best talkers in the business: Honestly, they could make another “Horrible Bosses” movie with these two (Baker is even a dentist!). We feel for Hayter and Wardlow because time after time they deliver for these jerks but still gets static at every corner. And then there is this middle management with Rebel and Shawn Spears. Sheesh.

When they both turn, it’s going to be glorious.

… And let’s talk about Battle of the Belts really quick: Great show. Riho and the DMD had an awesome match which took that Hayter storyline to the next level. Ricky Starks and Matt Sydal had a solid outing and it looks like we could be getting a solid six person contest.

Finally, Dustin Rhodes stepped in for little brother, Cody, who may have been exposed to COVID (get well) and lost the interim TNT title match to Sammy Guevara. There are a few different ways they could go here.

Check out my video review below.

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