Hollywood is poised to ruin “The Raid” action masterpiece with an unneeded remake

One of the worst things wrong with Hollywood today is the lack of imagination. It’s the lack of imagination that has caused the film industry to ruin the legacy of great films with a slew of unneeded remakes and reboots.

Next up are the “Raid Redemption” films. The Indonesian masterpieces that involve seamless action and impressive storytelling for movies that primarily go for your eyes instead of your heart. It’s all good here.

But here comes Netflix to ruin all of that in a “reimagining” of the movies for the streamer. The original mind behind the first project is on board as a producer but that means nothing if it has to be processed for a whole new audience.

It’s a money grab. Might as well produce another “She’s All That” remake.

Nobody asked for this. Netflix wants money.

I recall my experience trying to find the orginal in Orlando. When I finally did, it was one of the few action movies to live up to the extreme hype that preceded it. A fast moving plot. Fight scenes that seemed like there were special effects involved, but just had incredible talent on board. That last battle of the first film? Incredible.

The sequel was actually very good as well. Writing this post makes me want to go back and watch them both and I might very well do so.

The film is getting made. Hopefully, they can at least get it into some theaters. Otherwise you might as well just make it a cartoon.

And we can throw this into the pile of unneeded foreign film remakes right next to The Train to Busan.

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