The Bachelor: NFL Playoffs will bump next week’s show

The preview for the next episode of The Bachelor might have set off an alarm in your head when you heard “and in two weeks”.

That’s right. No Bachelor next Monday.

You can blame the NFL and it’s new deal with the networks for a Monday Night Football edition of the Wild Card Playoff round, which will claim it’s place on ABC in our spot.

If you happen to be a football fan (and there actually is quite a bit of overlap) then you might be interested in tuning in to watch the Arizona Cardinals take on the Los Angeles Rams.

Otherwise you’ll have to wait to see if Shanae gets Elizabeth kicked off of the show because of her ADHD (story HERE).

And you’ll have to wait to see if Cassidy can keep her momentum going after shunning her responsibilities at children’s party to makeout with Clayton and hang out with Hillary Duff (story HERE).

See you guys in two weeks!

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