American Auto: a mean dog and “The Pika” brings the laughs

That was better!

After a slow start, American Auto is picking up speed. Tonight’s episode involving a budget car to spur sales at Payne Motors provided the avenue for laughs.

The “Pika” retails for $10K with the gas mileage of a hummer. It has a terrible muffler, feels like your driving on jelly, and takes an extremely long time to brake.

And then, there was the ultra violent dog that needed a new home after Eliott couldn’t handle it. The poster alone was a funny visual.

I’ll let you check out the episode to fully explore the laughs, but I’m happy to see the improvement.

This is what I expected when I first tuned into the show. Let’s hope that this is the direction we continue to go.

And honestly, the Pika would sell in this market. Goodness, a 10K car? I’d weigh the pros and cons. Sad but true. It looks like a lot of the cars out there today.

But this is something about the show I can bring up when I’m talking to other people about the cars.

“Do you guys watch American Auto? Well they had this car called the Pika…”

Its right up there with the car that Homer designed with Danny Devito on the Simpsons back in the 90s.

Let’s try this again next week. We’re moving in the right direction.

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