Grand Crew: The “Windmill” and the therapist was pretty funny TV

Hooray! Grand Crew was funny again tonight.

The “Windmill” and the therapist got a couple of audible laughs from me as the new comedy on NBC, and lead in to “This is Us” continued to entertain.

Listening to Nikki’s new man, Henry< describe "The Windmill" was funny TV. And hearing the crew try and talk Nikki out of a serious relationship was enjoyable. Then there was the angle with Noah and his ultra attractive therapist. The "Sopranos" comparison and the payoff was good stuff. But the best aspect of this show's early run continues to be watching this group of friends give bad advice to each other. Honestly, they probably could have talked about the practicality of therapy for the whole 23 minutes and it still would have been a good time. And I haven't even gotten to the part about Venmo payments for home repairs due to the rough lovemaking. I'll leave that out there for you guys. The bottom line for this week is the upward motion of the experience. The payoff at the end of these episodes makes you laugh and it's that final impression each week when you move on into your evening which keeps the viewers happy. I'll see you guys again next week. If you like what you’re reading, please consider helping the blog. It’s just me here and every little bit helps. Thank you!

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