AEW: MJF should be the first to get a pinfall victory over CM Punk

A good episode of AEW Dynamite tonight on TBS. Some great advancement of storylines lead by the escalation of the MJF and CM Punk feud, and that fun match between Punk and Wardlow as we expected.

MJF should be the first to beat Punk, 1, 2, 3.

Think about it. Punk has been all about helping the young talent, and getting them over since he’s arrived. His positioning tonight against Wardlow dictates that he should have lost. All three athletes did a terrific job in signaling that to the crowd.

But the first lost against Punk is currency and AEW has to decide who’s going to take that currency the furthest. That would be Maxwell Jacob Friedman.

Why? Because if he does it, he won’t shut up about it. Like. Ever.

It will be 2040 and MJF will be telling us how he was the first to beat CM Punk in AEW.

And MJF is also one of the four “pillars” in the company that the promotion wants to build on. I can think of no other action to make that clear to the talent and the fans than to beat CM Punk.

There will be some fans that will moan and groan. The same ones that got upset when Ruby Soho and Bryan Danielson lost. They’ll get over it.

Let MJF beat Punk.

Some other notes from tonight’s show:

Bear Country needs a TV win. Bad.

Still can’t dig Dan Lambert. I don’t know why they keep giving this guy a microphone.

Besides Britt Baker, Serena Deeb is the best heel in Women’s wrestling right now.

But still a great episode of Dynamite. See you next week!

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