Black Panther: Winston Duke getting a bigger part in the sequel is a good thing

Do you remember where Winston Duke’s character, M’Baku”, from Black Panther, was during the historic charge in the final battle of Avengers: Endgame?

It was right next to Captain America, Thor, and The Hulk. And I enjoyed seeing him there.

That’s important because everything in the MCU boils down to how much we like each of the characters. And M’Baku, once T’Challa’s biggest rival turned his biggest ally, is very well liked by fans.

And that’s why the news of his expanded role in Black Panther: Wakanda forever is being well received. Duke is also getting a pay raise.

This of course, is because we lost the late, great, Chadwick Boseman. And there is no replacing Boseman. Producers are well aware of that.

But Winston Duke can be a part of carrying on his work.

Then we also have Letita Wright, who has been a controversial presence on social media because of her stance against the COVID 19 vaccine. The future of her Shuri character is uncertain now, but a year ago she was the easy choice to be the next “Black Panther”. Fans wondered why she couldn’t be racasted. After all the MCU swapped out Terrence Howard and Ed Norton. Why couldn’t Wright be next?

We don’t know who the next Black Panther will be or if there will ever be one. But the franchise is taking the right steps elevating the actors we have enjoyed to fill out the movie.

The MCU will handle the next Black Panther film with care. The Duke promotion is a sign of that.

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