Moon Knight: The first real live action risk for Marvel TV on Disney Plus

What do…

The Falcon and The Winter Soldier
and Hawkeye all have in common?

A multi billion dollar movie franchise with 14 years of world building behind it. When we first tuned into the MCU on Disney Plus we were lured there because of the familiarity and likeability of our Avengers.

Enter Moonknight. Who will have none of those things and will be premiering on Disney Plus in late March.

One of my childhood favorites, Marc Specter, is a delusional soldier that attacks evil his way. He renounced his Avengers affiliation because those jokers were slowing him down. The character is good.

And even Oscar Issac, who I believe is one of the most over exposed actors in the industry today, is a heck of a talent.

But that being said. No one knows this dude. And the vigilante in the darkness market has been over saturated for a very long time.

I doubt Marvel is worried. They’ve gotten unknowns over to the audience before. Look at the Guardians of the Galaxy. Look at Antman.

However, we only have so much time to stream. I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve got more stuff than I can watch right now.

Let’s see what happen. I doubt the creative thinking or acting ability will be a problem. And there is also word that Moonknight could be getting a SuperBowl commercial.

Last year, they gave us that “are you ready?” “Falcon and The Winter Soldier” spot. That got everyone hyped.

But make no mistake about it. Moonknight is Disney TVs first real journey into the unknown.

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