The Last Duel is out early on HBO Max, but still doesn’t deserve your time

One of the biggest blown opportunities of the 2021 was the failure of The Last Duel, and now that opportunity is yours to enjoy on HBO Max.

The medieval “epic” directed by Ridley Scott, stars Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, Adam Driver, and Jodie Comer, in a film that builds to said duel after Driver rapes Damon’s wife played by Comer, and denies the attack to his royal buddies which includes Affleck. Damon then decides to settle the matter in mortal combat with his wife’s life also at stake.

This is a great cast with a proven director but it bombed at the box office, and an amended deal is giving us this film early.

And it deserved to bomb. Comer is the only one who showed up to work here and further exemplifies her rising star status. The rest are a miscasted collective assembled with the hopes of luring in an audience. I can’t lie, it caught me in its trap. And I paid for it with a movie that is easily a half hour too long.

Once the action finally arrives, it manages to be exciting for about 7 minutes, but doesn’t cover the cost of sitting around for so long with nothing to do.

Ridley Scott went on his famous rant against younger viewers and their cellphones when this film didn’t deliver. And while his catalog has earned him his platform, this was the wrong movie hill for him to stand on. The Last Duel should have been much more than it was by being more considerate of it’s audience’s time.

FTR Grade (from theatrical release): D+

Running time: 2 Hours 33 Minutes
Rated R

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