American Auto: Millbank vs Bolvaria offers some real ethical perspective

American Auto was back tonight with some real life business decisions, when Payne Motors had to choose between overseas profits and domestic jobs. The show continued moving in the right direction and kept me interested with its fast moving format.

And we got Joshua Malina added to the team tonight. It was good to see the longtime TV staple and Aaron Sorkin favorite on the show.

But back to the story. Payne Motors had to weigh integrity vs profits between Millbank, Iowa, where their new operation would provide a 1000 new jobs, or war-torn Bolvaria in Eastern Europe that could produce their cars for less and increase their bottom line. Ultimately the team decides to tank their efforts in Millbank and the chaos ensues.

I won’t spoil it for you but I was entertained.

Ana Gasteyer continues her enjoyable run as CEO Katherine Hastings. Not all the jokes landed, but we’re still getting some good progression here on the premise of the show.

It was also pretty interesting because companies make decisions like this everyday. Especially car companies. That’s what we want to see right? Car reality vs “The Office”/Superstore?

American Auto continues to get stronger, and NBC using one minute commercial breaks helps a great deal in keeping the action going.

Let’s see what happens next week.

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