AEW: Julia Hart vs. Jade Cargill match for TBS title will help both wrestlers

AEW had another good night with it’s Dynamite Beach Break program.

Let’s talk about the match booked for Rampage on Friday night between Julia Hart and TBS Champion Jade Cargill.

It’s great booking. And it’s going to help both athletes. I’ll explain.

First. Look at that poster. That is an early look at the Julia Hart we could be getting if she joins the House of Black. Great wardrobe work there if that turns out to be the outfit. We’ve seen the slow turn from Hart over the past few weeks after getting sprayed with the mist from Malakai Black.
First, we got the patch.
Then the inaction and growing hostility with the Varsity Blondes.
Followed by the appearance in the promo tonight.
All signs point to a heel turn. and it’s being handled really well. Fans are waiting for it. We know she’ll probably lose, but having the Black and King come out after having the Blondes fumble something would work things out nicely.

And then there is Jade. Who has experienced some friction since winning the title in the TBS tournament final against fan favorite, Ruby Soho.

I say turn her face. But this week’s match doesn’t even have to go that far.

They’re putting her in a position where there could be a temporary double-turn. Now would be the time to do that. Have “Smart” Mark Sterling watch these scary dudes come down the ramp and make a run for it.

This could be a lot of fun. I’m enjoying it and a lot of the fans are as well.

See you Friday night!

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