Abbott Elementary: If everyone is special, then no one is special

Our beloved a faculty at Abbott Elementary was back again tonight. And the dedicated teachers had to figure out if they could pull off a gifted program for the students.

And we got a Melissa romantic storyline. But her romantic interest recommended going to “Dave and Busters”. “I don’t see anything wrong with that but back to the story).

The show delivered a regular schedule of laughs including an experiment gone wrong with some eggs that were supposed to hatch chicks but gave us something else.

I also enjoyed watching Malcolm aka “Geek Squad” aka “Black Bobby Fisher” help Principal Coleman (aka Charles Xavier with legs) with her IT problems. Janelle James is the bright spot of this show for a lot of viewers.

Also, an honorable mention for Jacob with his “Monsanto, Mo Problems” approach to being Robin Williams from the “Dead Poets Society” and “reverse Goodwill Hunting” during the closing credits.

Abbott Elementary continues delivering feel good comedy that is one of the best half hour experiences on TV right now. It’s also good for the entire family during an era when everything has to be “edgy”.

I’ll see you next week!

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