Bad effects stumble ATT “Gigillionaire” commercial with Demi Moore and Mila Kunis

If you want to have a Mila Kunis and Demi Moore in a commercial, go right ahead. Both stars are very likeable and demand attention when we’re usually on our phones during these ads.

But this new “Gigillionaire” commercial featuring the two actresses doesn’t look very good in it’s final moments.

The commercial takes place at a reunion where an award is being given away. Both Moore and Kunis think they’re being honored, gushing at their respective tables and then slowly start making their way on stage.

But to both of their surprises “Amanda Gomez” wins the award and there is an awkward moment in front of the podium.

And that moment is captured with what looks like terrible looking post production. It doesn’t look like all three actresses are on stage at the same time.

It’s possible ATT actually couldn’t get Moore in Kunis in the same room, but there is a shot that looks so bad. I’m not sure how it got greenlit to air.

Let’s see how far ATT will go with this ad. I mean, it’s ATT so they can afford some changes. Right? It is Super Bowl season.

Kunis has done Super Bowl ads before including with her husband Ashton Kutcher (who was also married to Moore) and some Jim Beam spots as well.

Judge for yourself below.

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