Alvin Kamara arrest further proof Orlando is healthier for the Pro Bowl than Las Vegas

Hey, I love Las Vegas.

Truly a marvel. A paradise for drinking, gambling, clubbing, and any other kind of vice you can imagine. A spectacular adult behavior getaway.

And a formula for disaster for 20 something millionaires. Trouble will find them. And it found Alvin Kamara yesterday who was arrested after a physical altercation. The MVP caliber running back will now return to New Orleans with a lot more luggage than he left with.

Celebrities go to Las Vegas and get into fights. Heck, that’s where celebrities go to participate in the fight industry.

You know where that doesn’t happen. In Orlando. The place where the Pro Bowl has been for the past few years and there haven’t been any player arrests. The city where we held the NBA Bubble with -zero- incident.

Orlando is a family destination. Everyone gets to go and the players take their families. There aren’t any casinos. The nightlife is existent but measured.

That’s because you’re there to work. We forget that. The Pro Bowl is still a game.

And that’s another problem. Fans were complaining yesterday because the tackling was non existent.

Why are we holding meaningless games that puts stars in situations where they can get arrested? That’s something the league needs to be asking themselves.

It’s true. Accountability needs to go everywhere here. The players. The league. And yes, even the community hosting the game. Where was the security here?

Las Vegas dropped the ball. The game was fine in Orlando. Now that the new stadium smell is wearing off at the Allegiant, then the league should consider coming home to Central Florida.

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