Abbott Elementary: The Domesticity and Capitalism of Peter Rabbit

The delightful Abbott Elmentary was back tonight, and this week, the teachers of our favorite school had to deal with Janice’s visionary college friend who was serving as a volunteer Art Teacher.

Sahar played by Mitra Jouhari, brought a new artistic outlook to Peter Rabbit and saw it as a tale of domesticity and capitalism. And she could pull off overalls according to the hilarious Principle Coleman, who continues to steal every scene she’s in.

The other plot line attacked a very real nutritional angle playing out in our communities today. With no healthy options, Barbara and Jacob decided to start a community garden, which gave Gregory nightmarish flashbacks of working with his dad’s landscaping business. For some struggling families, schools are the only source for nutrition, especially during the pandemic.

We don’t do spoilers here but that cook was a jerk though. But the post credit scene was very kind.

This blog sounds like a broken record when discussing Abbott Elementary, but it is the best new network comedy of the year. It’s a fun experience week in and week out.

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