WWE Smackdown: Naomi and Charlotte lift up a dreadful night

Good for Naomi (Orlando represent) and Charlotte Flair, for putting on a main event that had the crowd in attendance and myself at the edge of their seat. That was great wrestling on a WWE Smackdown show on FOX that badly needed something for us to get excited about, because the product in recent weeks has been dreadful.

Still, Naomi and Charlotte put in the hard work to deliver a wonderful match. We’re often force fed Charlotte, but when given the right platform, it’s hard to find someone better than her. And the way the crowd got behind Naomi tonight was something to behold. We haven’t seen that on Friday nights in some time.

The rest of the show was junk as usual.

We keep losing bandwidth to Happy Corbin, the worst gimmick in wrestling, as the company pushes this nonsense of an undefeated storyline, and had Ceasaro, one of the best athletes in the company jobbing out to him. I watched the crowd as he comes out and they’re motionless. It’s junk. This is nothing against the man, who can actually wrestle but just bring back the Lone Wolf already.

Once again we got Los Lotharios against the New Day, and I’m just amazed that the WWE can’t find anything better for these guys to do. The consequences of a shallow roster I suppose.

We keep getting more Jackass footage even though the movie has been released already. I understand there is a financial commitment here but the product is suffering. The audience is suffering. It’s time to end it now.

Thank goodness for Naomi and Charlotte though.

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