The Bachelor: Cast and fans throw epic celebration after Shanae is eliminated

I thought last night’s Super Bowl celebration was going to be the biggest party we saw on TV this week.

And I would be wrong, as Bachelornation celebrated the elimination of one of the show’s biggest villains of the modern era.

That would be Shanae, who would be sent home on her two on one date with Bachelor Clayton Echard choosing Genevieve on their Niagra Falls outing.

When Genevieve “The Shanae Slayer” returned to the Toronto hotel where the others were staying on their road trip, a party erupted with the ladies popping bottles of champagne and dancing in their rooms.

The elimination of a major heel like Shanae can often go in the other direction on certain occasions, with the show missing some spice afterwards, but a flash poll taken on FTR Twitter illustrated fans were just glad she was gone.

And there were other tweets signaling nothing but elation afterwards..

Just wait until Shanae comes back for Bachelor in Paradise though. She was too good not to bring back. And being bad is a skill on reality television today.

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