Valentines Day Pick: Crazy, Stupid, Love is still a funny favorite over a decade later

Over the weekend, I held a screening of Crazy, Stupid, Love on my Twitch stream (link here). And I’m glad I did. For my Valentine’s Day pick this year, I wanted something that was fun and gave everyone a reason to care.

And Crazy, Stupid, Love is that.

Released in 2011, Steve Carell stars as Cal, who was recently left by his longtime wife,(played Julianne Moore), after she cheated on him. While out feeling sorry for himself, Cal runs into Jacob (Ryan Gosling) who promises to help his new friend find his confidence once again. But it’s not long before we meet Hanna (Emma Stone), a young attorney who manages to capture Jacob’s heart too.

Did you get all of that? Good. Because with all of the twists and turns thrown at you, it might get tough to keep up.

But the film is still strong all of these years later and the chemistry between Stone and Gosling is undeniable (and it must have been because we got two more films from them together). The comedy is still solid with a sequence towards the end of the movie you won’t forget.

Jacob’s tactics with the ladies haven’t aged well. It comes off a little unlikable but not enough to keep us from enjoying this terrific film.

It was also the first time we saw Carrell and Stone together. They would work on “Battle of The Sexes” just a few years later.

If you’re looking for something fun to watch tonight, Crazy, Stupid, Love is streaming on HBO at the time of this post.


Crazy, Stupid Love

Grade: A- (2011) B+ (2022)

Rated: PG 13

Running Time: 1 hour 58 minutes

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