AEW: Don’t believe anything on Cody Rhodes returning to WWE until you see it

It appears that Cody and Brandi Rhodes are leaving AEW.

That’s what we can gather from Cody’s Instagram post released this morning and the AEW statement from Tony Khan following shortly after. This appears to be real.

“Appears” is such an important word here.

Many of my wrestling fan brethren are jumping at the possibility that he may join WWE. That would be a strange lateral move for me. But there could be some reasons.

They may be backing up the armored truck for him: WWE needs a talent acquisition win. Poaching Cody from the promotion that has taken so many of their favorites over the past two years would do just that. We’re operating in a free agent market now with two owners who have plenty of money to pitch around. They could give Cody record breaking money and not blink.

They may be willing to package Brandi Rhodes better: This is a Brandi friendly blog. I like her and I’ve watched many episodes of “Shot of Brandi”. But the AEW fans have been vicious to her. They almost booed her out of the ring last week on Dynamite. And they were so brutal, they caused her to leave Twitter in 2020. What will happen to her Heels promotion?

They may see something we don’t: The AEW roster is full of modern era greats. They have a dozen believable champions on that roster. It once again becomes a question of opportunity. The WWE has maybe 5 core guys that can represent the brand. Cody may see a better future with them

But don’t believe anything until we see it!

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