Trending: No, Donald Sutherland is not dead

Early Saturday afternoon, legendary movie star Donald Sutherland, began trending on social media, leading many to believe that the 86 year old star and father of fellow actor, Keifer, may have passed away.

As of Saturday, February, 19th 2022 at 1:15PM EST, Sutherland is still alive.

Anyways, Twitter had a lot to say…

The real reason Donald Sutherland began trending was because of this photo taken of him when he was younger.

The false alarm phenomenon is nothing new. It happens to Morgan Freeman all of the time. Last year, people actually though Tanya Roberts was dead for several hours.

Sutherland’s last major role was as President Snow in the Hunger Games series. Ironically, in “A Time To Kill” Oliver Platt says he thought Sutherland’s character was dead.

“Not yet” he replies.

And thankfully, he is still with us.

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