Euphoria: “Stroking the Bee’s Nest” with Our Life sets up a high tension finale

Euphoria was back tonight, and we finally got a Lexi episode. And well, she basically decided to put her friends on blast in front of everybody by putting on a production of “Our Life”, which she had been working about for the past few weeks.

It went about as well as expected.

Fez warned her. “Stroking the bee’s nest” he said.

The play pulled absolutely no punches.

Rue’s drug use? Check.

Maddy’s ego? Check.

Cassie’s more glamorous high school life? Check.

But there were some sweet times too. And those appeared to be hitting home as well.

However, our minds weren’t really in the game. We were worried about what was going on at Fez’s house with Faye and her no good boyfriend. We saw trouble. And Ash saw trouble. Fez was oblivious. The stage was set for something really bad to happen.

And we got nothing.

More specficially, we got a cliffhanger. And the season finale leaves absolutely everything on the table.

Like every episode of this wild series, “The Theater and It’s Double”, the episode’s title, was wonderfully directed. All eyes will be on this program next week. The show was a juggernaut on social media like it always is, even knocking off the NBA All Star game from the top of the trends.

The teaser for next week’s shows us a conflict at Fez’s house. “Will Fez live or die?” is the major question in the coming days.

It’s going to be a long week.

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