Ted Lasso: Comedian’s tweet offends some fans of the show

Ted Lasso was trending on Monday afternoon, leading fans to believe that a season three premiere date of the Emmy award winning show had been announced.

Instead, it was because of this tweet from comedian Megan Beth Koester.

And in plain text.

I’ve never seen an episode of Ted Lasso but its fans have big “childless adult whose entire personality is predicated on their love of Disneyland” energy

The remarks offended some fans of the show, and annoyed others checking to see if a third season had been announced only to feel like they had been insulted. So much that the show was trending in the top ten on Twitter with a new season of the show nowhere in sight.

Koester had her defenders. Many encouraging Twitter to not take the remarks so seriously.

Ironically, if you’re familiar with the show, Coach Lasso himself would probably forgive the words and move on. Season 2 dealt with serious mental health issues experienced by the beloved character played by Jason Sudeikis.

There has been no season 3 premiere date announced from Apple TV, but producers will no doubt take the free and positive publicity here in the offseason and move on.

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