The Bachelor: Hometowns are set as therapy gives Genevieve a bad deal and exposes Sarah

Clayton Echard continued his journey to find his future spouse on Monday night, as The Bachelor moved from Croatia to Austria on their international tour.

And the date? A visit to a therapist.

While mental health is certainly nothing to take lightly these days, the franchise has continued gravitating towards these serious dates that seem to entertain off of the grief of the cast.

An especially difficult moment of the show was when Genevieve had her turn with the doctor and Clayton.

She hadn’t even gone on a one on one date with the guy, and here she is being put on the spot the week before he’s supposed to meet her family.

Of course, it didn’t work out. And sadly, Genevieve blamed herself which wasn’t really fair. She eliminated Shanae (the best heel we’ve had it a couple of years) and then got sent home a week later.

That was just junk. I appreciate you, Genevieve.

And then you had members of the cast weaponize the opportunity to criticize the others (looking at you Sarah). But the therapist called her out on it and Clayton ultimately made the right call and sent her home.

Now we’re moving on to hometowns, and my favorites are Gabby and Rachel.

Rachel is actually from the Greater Orlando area where this blog is published. I wonder where they shot her segment? I suppose we’ll find out next week.

And we’ve still got the great “I’m so broken” segment coming. You’ve got to imagine that will happen sometime next week.

Genevieve stuff aside, it was a strong episode.

Go Rachel!

I’ll see you next week!

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