My Orange County 2022 Transportation Initiative Survey answers

Hello friends.

Orange County is in a bad place with affordable housing. But it’s public transportation system is also in bad shape after years of bad agency leadership. Public transportation in Orlando has been bad since I was a teenager and it’s never gotten better.

Now they want to raise our taxes. While tourism keeps their revenue made off of the work of our backs, and landlords keep raising the rent. (Don’t believe a study sponsored by the tourism agency that says you wont’ pay for that increase. This is a sales tax. You will pay).

But it’s important to participate. And I filled out my survey and wanted to share the answers with you. I encourage you to take it as well HERE.

How do I get to work/appointments ETC? Automobile and LYNX

How long is my commute? 30 minutes to 1 hour

What are my current transportation challenges? Commute time, Cost of Commute, Unsafe walking and biking conditions, traffic congestion

What do you believe are the top priorities for improving transportation in Orange County?

Building a Mass Transit System (to include buses, trains and other modes of transportation)
More frequent service and access to more places
Increasing pedestrian safety (e.g., improved crosswalks, mid-block crossings with signals, longer crossing times at signalized intersections)
Increasing the number of bike/pedestrian paths (i.e. multi-purpose paths along streets and roadways)
Building more sidewalks and bike lanes

How often do you use the LYNX Bus Service? Two or three times a week.

If you currently use or would like to use LYNX Bus Service, which of the following would be important to you? (choose all that apply)
Service from home to work
Convenient LYNX bus stops and routes
Cost of bus fare
More service for the disabled (paratransit vehicles) note: Including a veterans shuttle to the hospital which we badly need
Increase frequency
Increased access
Note: We also need a complete audit of leadership at LYNX. I have no faith that even with the revenue, that they could implement these improvements effectively.

How often do you use Sunrail? Occasionally.

If you currently use or would like to use the SunRail System, which of the following would be important to you? (choose all that apply)

Service to Work
Cost of Fare
East West Route.
Evening and weekend service.
Service to the airport.

If available, would you use a local shuttle that circulates in your community? Yes.

What is your level of satisfaction with the current transportation system? Not at all satisfied.

Please provide any additional comments or feedback.

We must do a better job of ensuring the concerns of the people are being adequately addressed on daily basis. We have residents that have been standing in the rain for years and showing up to work late because of leadership at these agencies despite annual budget hearings and reviews. Accountability is needed.

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