CNN criticized for poorly timed Applebees ad during Ukraine Invasion

As the world watches the terrible events unfolding in the Ukraine, audiences are very sensitive to what they’re absorbing minute to minute on television.

CNN discovered that on Thursday when they started trending for the wrong reasons on social media.

Several social media users pulled a toss to commercial that featured sirens from Kyiv as the city braces for the worse one second, and then a joyous Applebees commercial the next.

The ad features the song “Chicken Fried” by the Zac Brown Band, as well as dancing cowboys and beer.

While television production seldom figures in what the commercials bookending their content will consist of, it resulted in an experience that looked obilivious to what was taking place with the Russian invasion.

You can look at some of the tweets below…

None of the other networks have changed their commercials with both FOX and MSNBC both running familiar ads during the crisis. CNN does have correspondents on the ground in Ukraine and in Russia reporting up to the minute developments.

Applebees had experienced over 14,000 mentions on Twitter for the placement, more than any other commercial this year that wasn’t aired on Super Bowl Sunday.

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