Ukraine: As Russia commences attack Cable TV begins special coverage

On Wednesday night, Russia began it’s attack on Ukraine leading American cable television news to begin special coverage of the events taking place which went into the early morning in the United States, and the mid morning in Ukraine.

CNN had special coverage led by Don Lemon, featuring reports from journalists in Kyiv and Kharkiv, as they described the conditions on the ground and what measures the Ukrainian government was taking to keep their people safe.

FOX News featured former President Donald Trump calling into The Ingraham Angle with Laura Ingraham, where he was interviewed for several minutes and blamed the conflict on foreign policy positions of other Presidential administrations. The network would move to team coverage as they approached midnight.

MSNBC had team coverage as well, including analysis from Moscow and reports from Erin McLaughlin who was on the ground in Kyiv, and heard shelling nearby and also had sirens go off during one of her broadcast segments.

Under the direction of Vladmir Putin, Russia launched a variety of measures including cyber attacks and reports of a missile assaults. Explosions have been heard all over the country and Ukraine has declared martial law in an attempt to keep their people safe.

A video feed from the Associated Press showed traffic jams in the streets of Kyiv as residents attempted to leave the region.

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