Saturday Night Live: Five-timer Mulaney wins, LCD Soundsystem not for everyone

Saturday Night Live returned from it’s Winter Olympics hiatus last night, and John Mulaney, the now five timer, stand up comic, and former show writer, was the first host up, receiving the rare honor for only the most beloved show personalities.

The show began with a tribute to Ukraine. A very kind way to remember what’s happening on the other side of the world.

Mulaney’s monologue was a win, as he talked about personal issues such as having a baby, and going through rehab. The Monkey Judge skit was fine, and the fur baby dog food commercial proves that canines don’t lose on this show.

The dinner mask skit was a low point. But the guys from “Please Don’t Destroy” would set us back on the right track in a hurry. We would then get the “formal” induction of Mulaney into the five-timers club with Tina Fey, Steve Martin, Paul Rudd, and Conan O’Brien, and of course that was terrific. Rudd also got honored after his ceremony got cancelled because of COVID.

And my goodness. Weekend Update was good again. Maybe I need to go to the doctor. Colin Jost and Michael Che are usually pretty bad but they’ve pieced together two funny straight shows. Wow.

Let’s talk about LCD Soundsystem.

They weren’t for me. They might not be for you. But this is what SNL music is supposed to be. Trying new things. I can appreciate that. And I wasn’t bored which was the most important part of this experiment.

But at least that awesome subway churro musical number managed to fill any voids you may have been feeling.

Strong show. Good work from everyone.

Next week brings us Oscar Issac ahead of his Moon Knight superhero show, and Charlie XCX who was also rescheduled from the COVID Christmas show.

See you next week!

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