Grand Crew: Raisins are terrible and ruin everything.

Grand Crew was back tonight, and the crew got away from the city for some time in a vineyard. Right after they pledged to go through a dry period during the cold open.

Anyways, they enjoyed free wine not long after arriving, and the discussion turned to who had the strongest relationship in the group.

And Noah, did another Noah thing, by falling in love with the vineyard tour guide, Simone (played by Ashley Morghan). Anyways it didn’t go far at first because she lived in Santa Barbara and he lived in LA.

Back to the contest, it was Faye and Nikki vs. Wyatt and Kristen with Sherm, hosting a quiz show to figure out who the winner was. Note: Faye’s favorite sandwich is a BLT without the LT. And Wyatt wanted to nail the Pine Sol lady. Things went too far though, when Nikki revealed Faye wanted to hook up with Anthony.

Faye tried to deflect by claiming she had a thing for Frasier’s dad from the TV show. Drama! Anyways, Faye kept lying and her team lost the game.

Anthony and Noah then decided to crush grapes. And Anthony used the time to teach Noah not to be a raisin (see the title of this post). They then had to find Simone’s number using just their feet but the note was ruined.

Yeah, there was a lot going on.

In the end, Noah and Simone ended up giving it a shot (knowing Noah, Simone will be gone next week).

Faye finally confessed she did like Anthony to Nikki. When Faye was going to confront Anthony over dinner, his current girlfriend, Talia (played by Ashley Blaine Featherson Jenkins), showed up. Faye did signal that the wait would make their romance worth it in the end.

Fun episode! Are you enjoying Grand Crew?

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