Ghosts: “We’re not leaving until Thor stops screaming”

Ghosts was back this week, and with the B&B opening soon, it was time for our favorite group of spirits to bunk up together and become roomates.

Trevor and Thorfinn gave it a try, but the latter had night terrors which only seemed to get worse. “I know I’m dead, but kill me” pleaded Trevor to Samantha. Later we would discover he’s been having them for centuries and the group decided he needed therapy. Sam would serve as a medium between a living therapist and the troubled viking.

It was violent with Thor having to kill his former friend for food (which turned out to be a squirrel). With “brains up the nose”, he was forced to relive it all. It only made things worse and he started waking up the entire house.

Meanwhile, Issac who was rooming with Hetty, felt uncomfortable talking to the others about his relationship with Nigel the Redcoat. To throw off the group,he pretended to be interested in Hetty, and she took him up on it. Issac then pretended to be asleep.

In the end opening up made everything better. Thor shared his feelings with the house. And Issac told Hetty how he felt about Nigel. And that scene between Brandon Scott Jones and Rebecca Wisocky was good television.

This show continues to be a welcomed surprise. I’ll see you next week.

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