July 24, 2024

Joe Millionaire: The eliminations take care of themselves

Joe Millionaire: For Richer, For Poorer, returned tonight for it’s second to last episode, picking up on a cliffhanger from last week with the ladies picking the man they wanted to compete for.

Annie had the first date with Steven, and they had a “real” conversation over dinner surrounded by horses. Steven was digging the “Open your heart” moment and they did the whole “Lady and the Tramp” thing over spaghetti and shared a hot air balloon ride.

Amanda had the first date with Kurt which took place on a fancy train with lunch. And she asked Kurt what she wanted, and they also had a great moment together.

Whitney, who was undecided going into the outing, had a skate date with Steven next. The two had chemistry but Steven was unsure about her commitment to start a family.

Carolyn had her solo date with Kurt (who she’s been focused on the entire season) and they had a tough conversation about family. Carolyn already has one. Kurt would have to adjust to that. Things would get easier in the hot tub when they admitted they were falling for each other.

Calah had her turn with Steven, who admitted he’s fallen “head over boots” for her. The two then had a private concert with Easton Corbin.

And the next morning, she would have her date with Kurt. They had lunch in the bed of a truck and Kurt asked her who she wanted to be with, and she chose Steven. It was a short date.

Steven had a horse back riding date with Amber, and wasn’t digging another serious conversation with her. Ultimately, he broke up with her, there was a teary good bye and she left the show.

The final date with Kurt and Whitney began with Whitney leaning to Steven (see above). And she told Kurt she felt “disconnected” with him and the two decided to stay friends.

Kurt would then phone the house, and Steven met her at the doorstep to send her home. Not a great look for either of the guys.

And that’s how it would wrap up. Our final four are Carolyn, Amanda, Calah, and Annie. Interesting show!

We’ll be here for what should be a great finale.

Who are you rooting for?

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